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Stories of our work . . .

“I’m secure. I feel planted and I know I never have to move again. This is the first time in 10 years that I have been warm. I go into the kitchen, and it is warm. I go into the bedroom and it is warm. What a wonderful feeling." — 51 year-old First-Time Homebuyer

Thank you so much for your Homebuyer Education class. I recommend it to everyone as it was incredibly helpful in preparing me for the long and complicated process of becoming a homeowner.

— A Johnson

“It wasn’t difficult to save because we had a good reason – we wanted to own a home."

— A single mom who, with the help of her children, earned her down payment through a matched-savings program.

“Due to the wonderful counseling I received from NeighborWorks, not only am I keeping my home, I have plans in place to avoid that situation (foreclosure) in the future. The emotional support I received has also been invaluable.”

— Foreclosure client who was able to save her home
“Great Falls is just a great small city. We have low crime and healthy neighborhoods. Reinvestment is occurring downtown and in the original townsite. What we don’t have are any “slums” and that’s because of NeighborWorks Great Falls.” — Former Assistant City Manager, Great Falls
“The financial education and homeownership preparation was a huge help for us. We are very comfortable with our savings and budgeting ability, and we even have savings accounts for our kids so we can pass on the knowledge we gained from NeighborWorks Great Falls.” — Great Falls couple with two children
“NeighborWorks gave me the biggest gift I’d even been given (a house) and to me it made sense just to give it back.” — Homeowner who willed her home back to NeighborWorks
“I love what the high school house does for the kids, the community and the neighborhood. It keeps kids in school for graduation and puts them on a path to a good-paying job.” — Instructor, high school home building program
“NeighborWorks has given me so many keys to homeowner success. From credit tips, budget skills, first-time homebuyers education, goal setting, teamwork, dedication, the list can go on and on.” — Mutual Self-Help Builder/Owner
“I worked so hard to make this a reality, but it would never have happened without NeighborWorks guidance and support.” — Single mother of two who recycled her old manufactured home and replaced it with a brand-new one