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Foreclosure Counseling

NeighborWorks Great Falls offers foreclosure prevention counseling to anyone struggling to pay their mortgage payments or keep their home. There may be financial support available to qualifying homeowners.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, NeighborWorks counselors can help you avoid foreclosure or help mitigate the impacts of foreclosure.

“Due to the wonderful counseling I received from NeighborWorks, not only am I keeping my home, I have plans in place to avoid that situation (foreclosure) in the future. The emotional support I received has also been invaluable.” ~ Foreclosure client who was able to save her home

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When you call, we will set up a confidential meeting with you to review your situation.

Here are some of the options:

  1. We can help you understand the type of loan and the process involved to reach a resolution.
  2. We can help you talk to your mortgage company to work out options for your delinquency.
  3. We can help you create a budget that will bring your mortgage current.
  4. We can evaluate your affordability for a loan to bring your mortgage current.

Here are some documents that may help

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